July 31, 2015

Hi all!

First of all, thanks for checking me out!  After thinking and talking about starting a blog for years and then starting it and getting too busy to keep it up, I have finally gotten back here and plan to make regular posts and updates!

Letting go, starting over, and laying plans to become a professional adventurer…

I have always loved to travel, to see new things, explore different surroundings, taste local food and enjoy the adventure of being somewhere foreign.  My passion for traveling is the reason why, after graduating with two Bachelors’ degrees, that I decided to get a low-paying, entry-level job in the airline industry.  I wanted flight benefits!  Well, I got them, and used the heck out of them!

I had always loved going for trips as a kid, but I truly discovered my love of travel while in college.  I studied abroad in Central America my Sophomore year, went to Europe with a friend my Junior year, and my Senior year went back to Europe by myself.  Prior to joining the travel industry, I had promised myself that I would take at least one international trip every year.  Once I gained travel privileges, I increased my travel goal to at least one trip per month, within the US or abroad.  And for the most part, held myself to it…  At age 27, I have been lucky enough to explore 36 countries and (only) 14 US states.

Earlier this year, I was one month in to working at a job in a management position that I had wanted for a long time… it paid decent, was respectable and was the cumulation of my last five years working in the industry.  And I hated it.  I was so incredibly stressed.  The job itself was actually great, but the company and the circumstances were terrible.  So I decided to walk away.

So now I find myself without free flights or a steady income, and still a pulling desire to see and experience more of the world.  What to do… Well, I figured I would take advantage of this opportunity to refocus and come up with a plan to turn my jet-setting lifestyle into a life of perpetual travel.

In my next post, I’ll share a few different options that I’m considering as a way to experience the world and keep the adventures coming…  Thanks for reading!


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