Hi All!

We have been working hard and staying busy these past few weeks, spending all of our energy and time working on boat projects, selling the condo and preparing the boat and ourselves for the journey ahead.  In the mist of all this, we finally got a chance to get the video update out!

In this episode, we officially become sailboat owners! After all the paperwork is finalized, Varuna is ours and we take her out sailing right away. We also explore the Seattle Boat Show and find a used windvane.  Last, but certainly no least, we take you along to our Small Marine Diesel Engine class that we’ve been attending at the local community college, we have the greatest instructor and are learning so much!

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4 thoughts to “Becoming Boat Owners!

  • Jim

    Congrats on your new purchase!!

  • Dartanyon

    Nice video guys! Do a little experimenting with the timing of tacking the genny, We’ve found that if you let it backwind a fair bit, it really easy to tack it through the slot without going forward or furling. Great find on the vane too!

    • adventureadrift

      Thanks for the suggestion, we’ve heard that it’s a bit easier with the staysail out as well. Will have to keep experimenting and seeing what works.


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