Current position as of 0000 UTC July 07 is 25°46’ N 157°40’ W Current Heading: 350°T Total distance made good (DMG) = 267 nm DMG last 24hrs (0000UTC-0000UTC) = 135 nm Engine hours = 0 Avg true wind speed (TWS) = 10 kts Avg speed over the ground (SOG) = 5.6 kts Avg swells = 2 ft Recap of Day 2 We had a beautiful welcome to day 2 with some stunning weather and no land in sight, we briefly had a fishing vessel show up on our AIS 100 miles or so from the nearest point of land though we never could find it on the horizon. We were surprised to see a large amount of birds circling us, most were a Shearwater of some kind and a lone Red Footed Booby and a White Tailed Tropic bird. After pleasent days sailing that had us moving along at a good pace we were about to reel in the fishing lines when we noticed a “fish on” which happened to be one of the larger Mahi Mahi’s we have ever caught. Upon later inspection something had also taken a bite out of our cedar plug leaving some gnarly teeth marks, Hillary got right to filleting the Mahi and I got dinner going, with a change of plans to have some very fresh Mahi for tucker now. A batch of lime rice and butter and garlic sauce to cook the freshly cut fillets was the perfect end to a great second day, we have Mahi now for at least 3-4 more dinners… Yum! Anyone have any great Mahi recipes out there they want to share? Cheers, Ty & Hillary

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