Current position as of 0000 UTC July 08 is 27°27’N 157°18’W Current Heading: 10°M Total distance made good (DMG) = 364 nm DMG last 24hrs (0000UTC-0000UTC) = 97 nm Engine hours = 2.5 Avg true wind speed (TWS) = 5.5 kts Avg speed over the ground (SOG) = 4 kts Avg swells = 2 ft Recap of Day 3 The winds have become considerably lighter over the last day and we were getting frequent rainshowers which would switch the wind on us and die in the middle of the rain before returning after the showers had passed. Even though it was slow going we have still been putting in some decent days and lucky us but the change from one month ago is dramatic in the weather, the temperature is still very warm during the day and hovering around the high 20’sC or low 90’sF and we have not cooled down at night yet with all the fans running to keep us comfortable. We do of course expect a change at some point but based on the sea temperatures and the heatwave Alaska had been receiving we may not get the cold we expereinced on Makara. We have been trying to keep the wind on our beam without heading to East but anything North right now is just so downwind that it is a miserable flogging of the sails, we have talked about putting the pole out since we left but I hurt too much for it to be worth it right now with the changing winds. Going into the evening we had a delicious dinner of – you guesses it Mahi over mashed potatoes and grilled onions, the fresh fish dinners are absolutely devine and the fish melts in your mouth. Thankful to the sea for our dinner and the wind vanishing completely we ran the engine for 2 and a half hours until the wind returned, we never did check our main fuel tank before we left, but we are pretty sure it was close to full from when we filled prior to leaving Costa Rica and we have only run the engine 10 hours since then which is about 5 gals of fuel burned. When the tank is that full we don’t want to open it to check because we would risk spilling deisel out, we did of course fill jerry cans before leaving and have an extra 10 gals in those on deck. Our plan is to sail as much as possible anyway and with no real firm timeline for us we are happy to drift at 2 knots on the slow days. For those curious we are roughly 2 days ahead distance wise so far from our previous trip on Makara, heres to the wind returning. Cheers, Ty & Hillary

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