Current position as of 0000 UTC July 11 is 32° 16’ N 157 ° 16’ W Current Heading: 320°M Total distance made good (DMG) = 651 nm DMG last 24hrs (0000UTC-0000UTC) = 112 nm Engine hours = 0 Avg true wind speed (TWS) = 9.5 kts Avg speed over the ground (SOG) = 3 kts Avg swells = 1.5 ft Recap of Day 7 What a good day it was! Breaking back over the 100 mile days after a mixed day of cloud, rain and spectacular sunsets. The morning of day 7 was a wet one with some of the most rain we have had since leaving Hawaii and what a beautiful rain it is when you can stay inside and stay dry, quite the contrast to our previous hand steered trip on Makara. Varuna makes everything look easy and is a clear reminder of the benefits of going sooner with a smaller boat, we encourage anyone thinking of taking the leap on their our adventure to think small to start and get going NOW. We have become so acquainted with Varuna over the years and admire how simple a small boat can be, when rigged correctly and maintained you will have a home that looks after you on these especially long trips. As the wind slowly started building throughout the day we ended the day with a large number of clouds again at sunset that provided one of those never ending sunsets and then soon after that was finished we had the clouds seemingly part way into the night and we got to enjoy our best sailing in days! Of course for those of you who are watching our track it might look like we are detouring to China but we hope to turn East one day. Cheers! Ty & Hillary

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