I grew up in a small town south of Seattle in Washington State.  As a kid, I loved being outside and exploring the world.  I spent my childhood outside in our giant backyard garden and exploring Puget Sound and the rest of the Northwest with my parents.  I always enjoyed seeing new things and was eager to see the rest of the world.

I started traveling internationally when I was in college.  My first trip abroad (other than trips up to British Columbia, Canada) was a study abroad program to Central America.  The following two years I traveled to Europe twice, once with a friend and once solo.  I had the travel bug and wanted more!  I came back from each trip excited about the world.  After my study abroad program, I also had a goal and a vision of what I wanted to do and how I could use my degrees.  I was passionate about promoting sustainable products, agriculture and economic equality.   I considered trying to work for international development organizations or a nonprofit, but quickly discovered that it was a difficult field in which to get a paying job.

When I graduated college, I wasn’t quite sure what direction to go, but I knew I wanted to keep exploring the world.  So I ended up getting a job with the airlines because I heard that you got awesome travel privileges… and you do!  I spent the next few years traveling and having the time of my life!  I traveled at least once a month and met some of the most amazing friends and travel buddies at work.  It was while working for the airlines that I met Ty as well!  By age 27, I have been lucky enough to explore 36 countries on 5 continents and (only) 14 states, all thanks to my industry travel privileges.



I grew up just outside of Brisbane, Australia and spent my childhood swimming and playing in the bush and dreamed to live across the pond with an affinity for America that few around me could understand.  My Catholic schooling was not for me and seemed to lack global openness without bias.   At 17 I was in a doozy of a car crash that I was very lucky to survive, I spent a few months in hospital and the best part of a year recovering.   18, 40 or 65 it is true that life is short, living the life you want and affecting even one other person along the way is fulfilling.  I had my catalyst to begin a nomadic life that I didn’t know at the time would continuously evolve,  first stop America.

I thrive in foreign, diverse and remote locales, from the Himalayas to the Savannah’s of Africa.  My career has consisted of two paths – one of restaurants and one of aviation, to be honest none of these were politic free and formed my ultimate end goal to check out of the corporate world.  I have always dreamed of retiring to a solitude life of sailing the oceans of the world, for a short period I began pursing a career as a bush pilot in Africa.  Turns out that would not give me the true freedom I desire, I want to be free of the forces that constrain our “regular” lives and make it so easy to forget about those who really need help.  I am done reading about other people, with the power of the sun and wind I can minimize my lifestyle and bring my passion to others. Time to sail!


We are two people with a deep passion for travel, and were lucky enough to find each other while working in aviation during the summer of 2012. We immediately bonded over our shared love of travel, exploring the world and making connections with people and cultures around the globe. Hillary had spent time working with communities of farmers in Central America, learning about labor organizations and sustainable growing practices. Ty had traveled to Nepal forming connections with local families, supporting local schools and the students’ tuitions. Together, we set out on various trips to the far reaches of the globe, squeezing in as much traveling as we could between life at home and work.

During the summer of 2015 we began to evaluate how we wanted to live our lives, as we were not fulfilled in our careers. New horizons and working on projects near and dear to our hearts would become our new aspiration, guiding us to an alternate lifestyle that we are truly passionate about – making connections across cultures and continents! After much discussion, living aboard a sailboat seemed to be the best way to attain our goals. Plans were made to sell our home, cars and everything unnecessary to accommodate this nomadic lifestyle. Next step – buy a boat and sail to distant shores! Join us as our story continues…